extreme galaxy bubbles

extreme galaxy bubbles

;1.create a new image,push d,x,than ctrl backspace,to make your image
black2.get your brush tool /soft round 1..than play around with the
sizes to make something like this

;oke here something that looks like galaxy bubble but this is the
extreme version,,,here we go1.new image about 500×500 and make the
background black2.get your blurry brush tool and make small and big
bubbles like this


图片 1

图片 2

Description: Well experimenting, we found out a way to transform your
digital pictures into full blown oil painting by using a few filters!

3.than push ctrl j ,2times,to duplicate the layer 2 times4.oke
blackgroundcopy2 .set the blending mode to lighten.than filter/sketch
chrome,with these settingsdetail=10smoothness=0press
OK5.backgroundcopy,set blending mode to lighten.than
filter/sketch/chrome.with the same settings6.than
filter/distort/wave,,just klick on randomize ,til u find the nice
wave,than klik OK7.colorize is the way u want and tadaaa a beautifull
easy tutorialmy outcome here

  1. now go to filter/distort /twirl and twirl i a bit like 50 or 100 or
    200whatever u think looks best4.now go to filter/stylize/wind,and ad
    some wind now u should have some like this
  1. The first step to this tutorial, is to find a photograph you like to
    use this effect on. If this is your first time, we suggest you use the
    one we have chosen below.

图片 3

图片 4

图片 5

p.s=also with this tutorial you can add some new layer en blending
stiles or whatever to go make it even more impressive

  1. now copy the layer 4 times (4x ctrlj)6.now filter /sketch/chrome than
    with setting detail=10 smoothness=0,,and set the layer style to
    ligthen7.klik on layer copy 2 and chrome it again with the same settings
    ,thanfilter /distort /wave and klick on randomize to get the wave u
    want,and set the layer style to lighten
    can stop here than give it a little color balance and here’s what i got
  1. Well, the picture we have chosen is a bit in definition of crispy. We
    can get rid of this ‘crispy’ness’ with a bit of something called gaussin
    blur. Depending on your pictures, you might not need to do this! But,
    for ours, we do! Use the setting below to blur your image! Oh yeah, to
    get there go to filter >> blur >> gaussin blur!


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