visa on arrival at Cairo intl airport: ok

visa on arrival at Cairo intl airport: ok for chinese tourists. it cost
15 usd. all tourists can buy the entry visa from any banks at the
arrival hall at cairo intl airport. but the immigration officals will
give a special check on chinese tourists who have to wait besides the
check point for about 15 minutes. but finally it is no problem to pass.
because egypt is still a very poor country. i tried this way to enter
egypt on Dec. 19, 2009. even they didnt check my return airticket. the
entry visa allows you to stay in egypt for not more than 1 month. and
this visa looks like a stamp that needs you to attach on your passport
by yourself.

图片 1(cairo intl
airport passport control point)

图片 2(cairo

图片 3(cairo

图片 4(unionpay-accepted
ATM at cairo airport)


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